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Our P&C and Salty the Seagull (our feathered mascot) welcomes all parents, carers and community members to our wonderful primary school!

P&C's Salty the Seagull

If you fancy some good company and are keen to contribute to our many activities and events, please check out the membership forms and other docs in the P&C Documents dropdown – or contact

P&C general meetings are held once per term, on Friday mornings on Week 4 of every term after assembly  in the library. We also organise P&C brainstorming meetings each term, for example on fundraising or ideas for new grants and projects. If you have ideas, let us know!

Please visit our Schoolzine Parent Portal calendar for all of this year’s scheduled P&C Meetings.


Kylie Rees
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Hannah von Ahlefeld
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Nadia Aurisch
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Emma Tregurtha
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Executive (Fundraising Co-ordinator)

Hazel Jooste
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Executive (P&C School Board Rep. & Canteen Co-ordinator)

Lorna Marns
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Executive (Grants Co-ordinator)

Suzanne Reeves
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Deb Harrington

About our P&C

The Sorrento Primary School P&C Association is a dynamic (and fun!) network of parents, carers, teachers, community members and others who are passionate about working with the school to provide additional resources for all of our kids. We are committed to the priorities and values of public education but we understand that school budgets are limited!

P&C's Salty the Seagull

“Join the P&C!”

We raise around $30 000 per year through our:

  • Canteen. The Surf Shack is open Tuesdays and Thursdays (order on-line!) and also organises regular themed cake stalls and end-of-term sausage sizzles.
  • Fundraising activities & events, such as discos, movie nights, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day stalls, Colour Run, Sorrento Under the Stars – and our 50-year anniversary celebration event is coming up in 2020!
  • Book Club. There are 2 issues per term and a great Book Fair at the end of the year.
  • School Building Fund is a special P&C fund set up to assist with ongoing school maintenance.

The P&C also:

  • Applies for local grants to fund great school projects.
  • Organises Busy Bees (e.g. School Toilet Project)
  • Does School Banking
  • Celebrates important UN events, such as World Teachers’ Day, Harmony Day & Mud Day.

P&C funds are allocated following our Strategic Investment Plan to:

  • 5 priority areas identified by the school community in a 2019-20 following the results of a Fundraising Priority-Rating Survey (65%):
    – STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) resources, activities and equipment
    – Outdoor play areas
    – Sporting equipment
    – Furniture and renovation
    – IT programs & equipment
  • Busy Bees (10%)
  • Regular events, programs and resources (20%)
  • Operational costs (5%)