Vision and Values

We provide a nurturing environment based upon excellence, tolerance and resilience.

We are a considerate community of learners where staff, students and parents interact openly, honestly and respectfully providing affirming feedback. Through teamwork and collaboration, we build a cohesive staff, where mutual support and respect are reciprocated between staff and the administration.

Our staff is highly motivated and skilled through access to professional development. Student learning is enhanced by way of best practice pedagogies, higher order thinking and cooperative learning. Resourcing levels enable us to stay at the forefront of integrating ICT into the curriculum and embedding it into the curriculum.

We collect reliable, up-to-date information about students’ achievement in order for students to reach their potential. This is reported to parents through regular, open communication.

Our shared values are evident through our involvement in community-based programmes and supportive approach to managing student behaviour. Rules and consequences are clearly understood by students. They display high standards of self-discipline and positive mind sets as they strive for excellence.

We are well respected for our values evident in the academic, physical, social and emotional success of our students.

Core Values

We pursue excellence.

We have mutual respect for one another.

We support each other with care and consideration.

We value open and honest communication.

We are innovative and inspiring.

We stand together as a community and hold true to our shared vision.

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