Specialist Learning Areas

In addition to our regular classrooms, we have a number of learning areas which are delivered by specialist teachers.

Students from Years 2 to 6 participate in the French program for one hour per week. An activity-based, communicative approach is used with language structures reinforced through songs, rhymes, games, action, mime, realia, book, computer and video material.

Our French program reflects the principles of the Western Australian Languages curriculum and students in years 2 to 6 are progressing in each of the major strands:

  • Listening, Responding and Speaking
  • Viewing, Reading and Responding
  • Writing
  • Cultural Understandings
  • The system of the target language
  • Language-learning strategies
Typical French Activities at Sorrento

Dimoitou (the puppet) is a favourite with junior classes. He visits many lessons helping students with their French Listening and Speaking.

We enjoy acting in role-plays to practise our French Listening, Responding and Speaking skills.

French puppet plays are created using both the traditional  theatre and apps on the iPads.

Years 3 and 4 have enjoyed bilingual puppet plays performed by the Carrousel Theatre of Melbourne.

We use the cooperative learning strategy “Inside/Outside Circles” to practise our French conversations.

“Pass the Ball’ is a fun activity that helps us to practise asking questions and giving answers.

Using dress-ups and props whilst singing songs.

The French Puzzle Books are always popular.

We enjoy learning about the culture of French-speaking countries.

How can parents support students?

Parents are encouraged to help their children see the relevance of their work in school, by helping them to discover French used in TV and magazine advertisements and looking out for French on any products that they buy.

Here are a few of the French items that students have recently brought in to share with their classes:

  • A Paris/Eiffel Tower pin
  • A rose-quartz crystal found in France
  • A model of the Eiffel Tower
  • Photographs, postcards and souvenirs from Paris
  • Euro coins

Keep it up! See what you can find.

À bientôt – Jean Barrett

Cafe Web

The music program at Sorrento Primary School reflects the principles of the Western Australian Curriculum. Students from Years 1 to 6 participate in the music program for 1 hour per week. A senior choir is available to students for Years 4 to 6, with an induction process for Year 3s. An instrumental programme is provided for selected students in Years 5 and 6. All students have access to an Interactive White Board as part of their music studies and use a variety of music apps on their iPads to support the music program.

Classroom Music

The school has a well-equipped music room consisting of an interactive whiteboard, a piano, a marimba and an extensive range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments. Our classroom music program involves the students using many skills and processes such as listening, moving, singing, playing, improvising, composing, interpreting, responding, reflecting and evaluating. As well as learning to play tuned and untuned percussion instruments students also learn to play the recorder from Year 4. Students at Sorrento also have the opportunity to take part in music incursions on a regular basis.


Choir is available to students from Years 4 to 6 in Semester One, then in Term Three Year 3 students are invited to join. The choir practises once a week and performs regularly at assemblies, special events and ceremonies.

Instrumental Music

In Years 5 and 6  selected students have the opportunity to be involved in the School of Instrumental Studies Program offered by the Department of Education on-site at Sorrento Primary. We offer tuition in Flute and Clarinet.

The Physical Education program at Sorrento Primary School reflects the principles of the Western Australian Curriculum. In addition to a dedicated, targeted skills lessons conducted by a specialist physical education teacher, students across the school also have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, such as triathlon, beach sports, and our cross-country running club. Students in senior years also represent Sorrento in Australian Rules football, soccer, netball and volleyball.

The Science program at Sorrento Primary School reflects the principles of the Western Australian Curriculum. With dedicated, knowledgeable science specialists, students from PrePrimary through to Year 6 have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of scientific discovery.

Our focus on science forms part of our greater emphasis on STEM – the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – into our learning culture at Sorrento.

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