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Overseas Enrolments

Permanent Australian residents and those children holding an approved visa subclass are entitled to be enrolled at Sorrento Primary School if they are living within our local area intake.

Those overseas students who do not have an entitlement to enrol in a public school may be enrolled on a full fee paying basis by contacting TAFE International. The most up-to-date information can be obtained by visiting their website.

Visit the TAFE International website

If a child is not a permanent resident of Australia, we would need to see the following documents as part of our enrolment process:

  • Child’s passport and travel documents
  • Evidence of date of entry into Australia
  • Visa (including three digit visa subclass number). Some visa subclasses allow for automatic enrolment, however some visas require a fee to be paid.
  • Birth certificate;
  • Identity documents;
  • Immunisation certificate;
  • Court orders if applicable;
  • Proof of address;
  • Emergency contact details;
  • Details of any disability;
  • Any ongoing medical condition and procedure to be followed during the school day.