About Sorrento Primary School

Sorrento Primary School provides your child with the best opportunities to enable them to reach their potential. Our school is located in a coastal suburb 20 kilometres from Perth. In addition to students from residences within our local catchment area, the school attracts students from surrounding suburbs.

An Independent Public School

Sorrento Primary School has a new modern administration block, library, music room, science room, computer lab, two blocks of six classrooms, one block of three classrooms and a dedicated Early Childhood block. All buildings are air-conditioned with computers, wired and wireless internet connection and interactive whiteboards. The school is furthering its investment in technology and life-long learning through the implementation of its iPad programs.

In the school grounds we have two basketball courts, an oval and dedicated PrePrimary/Year 1 play area, and two dedicated nature play areas. The school grounds are well maintained.

Sorrento Primary School has a strong relationship with the community and a high level of cooperation is evident. Its ethos is characterised by its pastoral care, accepted dress code, a cooperative and responsible student body and by committed staff and parents.

Key Features
  • Safe and supportive environment for students;
  • School community that works together;
  • Cooperative and responsible student body;
  • Committed and experienced staff;
  • Supportive parent body;
  • Well resourced school, with air conditioned buildings and well maintained grounds; and
  • High level of access to computers, iPads and digital technologies.

At Sorrento Primary School we endeavour to provide a variety of additional experiences to complement an effective educational program. We seek to cater for a variety of student needs and give all students opportunities to grow.

An attractive and well maintained environment for all.

Facilities at Sorrento Primary include:

  • a modern new administration block
  • a library resource centre
  • two blocks of 6 classrooms
  • one block of 3 classrooms
  • a dedicated music room
  • a computer lab
  • a dedicated Early Learning Centre for our PrePrimary and Kindergarten students
  • an undercover assembly area
  • a canteen

Our school has a computer lab with 16 fully networked computers, and automated library with 11 terminals networked, a wireless network throughout the school to provide ‘anywhere, anytime’ access to the Internet and school resources.

The school grounds offer:

  • 2 basketball courts
  • a netball court
  • a dedicated PrePrimary/Year 1 play area
  • a fitness track and an oval
  • two dedicated nature play areas
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Instrumental Music

We offer musically-gifted students the opportunity to learn flute and clarinet on-site through the School of Instrumental Music program.

Primary Extension and Challenge

Selected academically talented students are able to access the Department of Education’s PEAC Program, offering a variety of interest-based academic extension units of work.

Incursions and Excursions

A variety of curriculum-linked activities, including senior camps, language-based incursions and dance programs.


A vibrant and engaging specialist French languages program from Years 2 to 6, aligned with the new WA Curriculum where applicable.

Physical Education

A specialist Physical Education program, with a wide variety of sporting opportunities, including cross country, athletics and swimming carnivals, triathlon and beach sports.

Information and Communications Technology

A fully networked school, with banks of iPads available from a Kindy to Year 2, and a BYOD program for Years 3 to 6; and interactive whiteboards in all classrooms.

Sorrento Primary School seeks to promote values and pastoral care through:
  • a positive and supportive environment which recognises and rewards positive behaviour;
  • recognising our wider community responsibilities through our sponsorship of selected charities which are significant to the Sorrento context;
  • a whole school approach to the You Can Do It program that encompasses the five keys to success – Resilience, Confidence, Getting Along, Organisation and Persistence; and
  • a class friendship program where students have a ‘buddy’ in another year level.
Our school community works cooperatively as seen in:
  • the role of the School Board;
  • an active Parents and Citizens Association, providing a wide variety of services including a canteen, Book Club, Safety House program, school banking and fund-raising for resources; and
  • parents involved in classrooms, on excursions and with sports.

School Song

This is our school, where we work and play.
This is our school, we try our best each day.
Sorrento, a place by the sea,
Sorrento belongs to me.

Be happy in all that you do,
Be friendly, be kind, be true.
True to self, true to school,
True to life’s Golden Rule,
Helping others the whole day through.

This is our school, where we work and play.
This is our school, we try our best each day.
Sorrento a place by the sea.
Sorrento belongs to me.

Recorded by Mrs Carter, Mrs Clark and the 2014 School Choir

School Creed

As I start this day,
Help me to live the friendly way.
Let me be kind.
Let me be true.
Trying my best in all that I do.

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