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Principal’s message


Welcome to Sorrento Primary School where we stand together as a strong and vibrant community. Sorrento, ‘a place by the sea’, holds true to:

  • Pursuing excellence
  • Having mutual respect for one another
  • Supporting each other with care and consideration
  • Valuing open and honest communication
  • Being innovative and inspiring

We value the trust parents place in us through sending their children to Sorrento Primary School to learn and grow. We strive to provide an enriching, engaging and challenging curriculum for all of our students, finding balance between formal learning and building social and emotional skills based on Organisation, Confidence, Resilience, Persistence and Getting Along – the ‘Five Keys to Success’.

Sorrento Primary School prides itself on being a fun place to be, where children strive to do their best each day in all that they do, and the staff commits to doing that little bit extra to make Sorrento an exciting and enriching learning environment.

We look forward to working in strong partnership with you for the benefit of all children.

Anne Alford

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